1000 People Autographing Ceremony

Publish date:2010-8-6     Pageview:3582

      August 8th, 2010 is the 2 years anniversary of Beijing Olympic Games. Tianjin Olympic Museum hold a "1000 people Autographing ceremony" to celebrate this special day.
    60 old people from "Tanggu Old Cycling Association" attended this ceremony. They ride 30 kilometers from Tanggu.
    "We ride every day to keep healthy, this is not a very long journey today. we feel very happy and exited to attend this activity. " One of the riders told us.
    There is another 20 people from the Tianjin Disabled People Federation attended this ceremony. In the company of the museum guide, they visited the museum after autographing on the Five-Ring flag.
    The flag with autograph will be sent to the England Olympic Committee, wishing the success of 2012 London Olympic Games.
   Tianjin Binhai TV, Binhai Newspaper, Bohai Morning Newspaper reported this ceremony.